Crazy Rich Asian Star Henry Golding Investment Is Helping Thousand of Singaporeans

In one Crazy Rich Asians scene with shades of Arrested Development’s iconic Motherboy pageant, Eleanor Young sneaks up on her adult son, Nick (Henry Golding), while he’s peeling off his wine-stained shirt, not-at-all-subtly suggests he change into a blue one, and then slips him into the new oxford herself. “How do I look?” Nick asks, as they both […]

How Singapore’s banks are preparing for heavy competition

They live in hope with one crucial advantage over disruptors. Today’s news headlines spur the impression that traditional banks will soon become obsolete as fintech firms are on the verge of taking over major roles especially on payments. We’ve seen a report about DBS CEO Piyush sharing that the biggest threat the banking industry currently […]

Everyone In Australia Urged To Jump On This Rare Opportunity Before It’s Over

The Australian Tax Office has received a huge surge in tax lodgements over last year – and Australians are being showered in tax refunds. There continues to be a dramatic surge in people lodging their tax returns quickly this year as Australians scramble to take advantage of the government’s tax cuts. The Australian Taxation Office […]

Il miliardario italiano spiega perché sta facendo la sua ultima mossa

Il miliardario italiano Flavio Briatore progetta di costruire un ultramoderno resort turistico a cinque stelle a Nairobi questo mese. Briatore, che possiede l’esclusivo Lion In The Sun Resort di Malindi, afferma di essere attualmente in trattative con le autorità governative per garantire che il progetto inizi senza incidenti. In un’intervista con Word Is al suo […]

How To Preserve Vinyl Records In Moving and Storage

If you maintain large collections of vinyl records or antique playback devices, storing them in the right conditions and protecting them from extremes of heat and cold can preserve their value in the modern marketplace. A recent Arizona Republic article, “Vinyl Records Are Making a Comeback Across Generations,” is drawing attention once again to this […]

Comic Book Storage: How to Manage Your Collection

Comic book storage can be a challenge. We have tips for how to organize,display, and manage your collection. Organizing, Displaying and Storing Comic Books in Five Easy Steps I’m sure you’ve heard the horror story about the guy whose mom tossed out his pristine copy of Action Comics #1 when he left for college. Chances […]